Industrial training institute, Indian Institutions that provide technical training, A person who have passed ITI with an engineering trade and is also possessing AITT with NCVT in an engineering trade can be recognized as an well qualified Mechanical or Electrical Engineer as the case might be. It is equivalent to diploma in engineering (mechanical or electrical).

Our polytechnics college providing higher education is simply a result of a formal upgrading from their original and historical role as intermediate technical education schools


According to the Siddha medicine, various psychological and physiological functions of the body are attributed to the combination of seven elements. first is ooneer (plasma) responsible for growth, development and nourishment, second is cheneer (blood) responsible for nourishing muscles, imparting colour and improving intellect, the third is oon (muscle) responsible for shape of the body, fourth is koluppu/Kozhuppu (fatty tissue) responsible for oil balance and lubricating joints, fifth is elumbu (bone) responsible for body structure and posture and movement; sixth is elumbu majjai (bone marrow) responsible for formation of blood corpuscles, and the last is sukkilam (semen) responsible for reproduction. Like in Ayurveda, in Siddha medicine also, the physiological components of the human beings are classified as Vaadham (air), Pitham (fire) and Kabam(earth and water).


Providing Non profitable education services

P.T.Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker College of Engineering and Technology.

P.T.Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker Polytechnic College.

P.T.Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker Industrial Training Institute.

P.T.Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker Higher Secondary School.

P.T.Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker Middle School.

P.T.Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker Primary School.

P.T.Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker Orphanage and free Residential School.

P.T.Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker Siddha Dispensary and Hospital.

P.T.Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker Charity School of Excellnce.

P.T.Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker Technology Business Incubator.